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Date: February 14 2024

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Who we are:

Proton Ventures delivers innovative green engineering and turnkey solutions for world-scale storage terminals, ammonia production units and other process applications. We develop green projects and infrastructure supporting the transition to an emission-free ammonia and hydrogen industry. From concept to operational facilities, Proton Ventures offers consultancy support, project development management, feasibility study and FEED study engineering services, up to and including the actual EPC works. All this relies on strong and lasting relationships with all stakeholders in the field of (green) ammonia. The success is based on all people involved working together.

Let’s work together towards a decarbonized energy and chemical world !

What we offer you:

As an independent company within the Koolen Industries Group, Proton Ventures offers an environment in which you and your colleagues work towards shared goals. Our employees are important to us as individuals and team players, with technology achieving results for, by and with people. As colleagues, we are uncompromising in our willingness to collaborate and support one another. We share responsibility at all levels to ensure our company’s success.

Proton Ventures offers you the opportunity to grow, evolve and collaborate in making our energy and agricultural industries more sustainable and more.

What you will do:

As a Contract Manager, you will be a pivotal part of our project team, working closely with the Project Director, legal, project manager and Lead Engineer to ensure the seamless execution of our EPC contracts in Morocco. Your expertise will safeguard our projects’ commercial interests, manage risks, and ensure contractual compliance across all stages.

As a Contract Manager, you will:

  • Draft, evaluate, and negotiate contracts with clients, suppliers, and subcontractors, ensuring alignment with project goals and company standards.
  • Liaise with project management and legal teams to identify and mitigate contractual risks.
  • Oversee contract execution, ensuring all parties fulfill their contractual obligations.
  • Manage contract changes, claims, and disputes, maintaining positive relationships with all stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with the finance and project teams to monitor financial risks: this involves working closely with your project management team and legal advisors to review all contract details, ensuring there are no loopholes or ambiguous terms that could lead to potential risks or misunderstandings. It’s about being proactive—anticipating issues that could arise from contractual commitments and putting measures in place to prevent them. For example, if there’s a clause about project timelines, you’d work together to ensure that any potential delays are accounted for, with clear terms about extensions or penalties.
  • Provide regular contract status reports to the project director and executive team, highlighting potential issues and proposing solutions.
  • Oversee contract execution, ensuring all parties fulfill their contractual obligations:
    act almost like a guardian of the contract, making sure that from the moment the contract is signed until the project’s completion, every term is honored by all involved parties. This includes monitoring timelines, deliverable quality, payment schedules, and any other contractual commitments. It’s not just about keeping an eye on things; it’s also about fostering open communication and collaboration, so if someone’s falling short, it can be addressed and rectified promptly.

Your education/work experience:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Law, Business Administration, Engineering, or a related field.
  • Proven experience (minimum 5 years) in contract management or a related role within the EPC or construction industry.
  • Strong understanding of legal and commercial aspects of EPC  and EPCm contracts.
  • Excellent negotiation, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work effectively in a multicultural team environment and under tight deadlines.
  • Fluent in English; proficiency in French is a plus.
  • Willingness to travel between the Netherlands and abroad. ( Morocco, and other countries)
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