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Ammonia production

Proton Ventures works in both decentral and centralized projects. For the de-centralized or modular built-up larger projects we design and supply NFuel production systems

Various (waste) gas resources could serve as hydrogen resource, using SMR technology to provide hydrogen to the ammonia synthesis loop. This can range from biogas to associated (flare) gas to natural gas and obviously to hydrogen gas streams.
When the hydrogen is derived from either biogas or through electrolysis of water using green (renewable power) the ammonia is referred to as green ammonia.

Schematic of a typical setup for ammonia synthesis using electrolysis:

Ammonia is a versatile chemical commodity. See the figure indicating the resources potentially used and the usage variance of the ammonia product

It is clear the past and current value chain is based on a diagonal line from the lower left-hand side towards the upper right hand side (gas to fertilizer) while the future will be more likely follow the diagonal from the upper left hand side to the lower right hand side.

All uses will increase and will be based on green ammonia in the future ahead of us, allowing for the de-carbonization of all industries in the value chain.