First Green Ammonia Terminal in Western Africa: FEED contract awarded to lead ammonia contractor Proton Ventures and tank specialist Geldof

Proton Ventures in collaboration with Geldof is thrilled to announce our latest achievement – the award of a Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) contract for a first green ammonia terminal in Western Africa. This milestone project, marks a significant step towards exporting green ammonia  from Western Africa to the world. Proton Ventures’ proficiency in ammonia storage & handling solutions and Geldof’s proven track record in ammonia tanks are the perfect fit to take on this ambitious venture together.

The First Green Ammonia Export Terminal in Western Africa

The location in Western Africa is situated near major shipping trade-lanes, making it an ideal spot for the production of renewable energy. Furthermore, it holds enormous potential for competitive green electricity sourcing, making it an excellent choice for eco-friendly fuel development.

The green ammonia terminal project shows dedication to environmentally friendly energy solutions. The upcoming terminal will not only store and distribute green ammonia but also contribute to the development of clean energy infrastructure and create jobs in the region.

The project is meant to kick-off the entire ammonia supply chain in Western Africa. This new facility will incorporate all best available technologies and systems to be the first zero-ammonia emissions terminal in the continent.

At its core, it will feature a full containment ammonia storage tank, ensuring both the safety and reliability of ammonia storage. Seamlessly connected to an existing jetty, the terminal simplifies the loading and unloading processes, streamlining operations. Further facilitating distribution, the terminal will include dedicated rail and truck loading facilities. An efficient refrigeration system will be designed to swiftly manage the boil-off gas and (un-)load ammonia gas carriers, providing independent operations. High flow rate pumps and utilities will support ammonia handling processes, while a emergency-only flare system for the safe disposal of gases will guarantee the highest safety measures and lowest emissions. Dedicated fire water systems are integral to ensuring the safety of personnel and assets, and a modern control building, along with necessary instrument rooms, will be established to effectively monitor and manage the terminal’s operations.

As we move forward with the development of this green ammonia terminal, Proton Ventures, in collaboration with our client and Geldof, is committed to promoting sustainability, clean energy. We are excited about the prospects this project holds and want to keep achieving new milestones in the green energy sector.

About Proton Ventures

Proton Ventures delivers innovative green engineering and turnkey solutions for world-scale storage terminals, ammonia production units and other process applications. We develop green projects and infrastructure supporting the transition to an emission-free ammonia and hydrogen industry.

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About Geldof

Geldof (Engicon nv) is a leading European supplier of ‘Integrated Steel Solutions’ for the storage, handling, and processing of bulk solids, liquids, and gases. We have a strong reputation in the realization of storage tank projects, pressure vessels, dry bulk storage and handling installations, and diverse, other engineered solutions that often require a combination of wide-ranging technical competencies. Geldof has extensive expertise in renewable and conventional energy, storage and transshipment, and serves the oil and gas industries as well as a broad range of other industries.

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