Proton Ventures leads in new ISO LNG railcar standard

Schiedam, the Netherlands, 13 October 2020 – Proton Ventures is leading the working group for a new ISO LNG railcar applications standard to fill the gap in best design and safety related practices for existing and new LNG terminals. 13 committee members from different countries including Australia, Japan, China, France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Spain work together in standardizing latest developments and best design choices drawing from experience on their terminals or design projects. Participating companies include ENGIE, JAPEX, Shell, Gate Terminal, Polskie LNG, CNOOC China and Enagas Spain.

Proton Ventures plays an important role in setting the standard as the convener of the working group chaired by George Dodoros, Project Manager in previous railcar LNG projects. ‘It is exciting that all participating companies agreed that this is the right time to make a new LNG railcar application standard laying the ground for the future designer or plant manager. The LNG market is expanding rapidly, market volatility independence and strategic reserves are growingly more important, therefor LNG railcar transportation momentum is arriving,’ according to Dodoros.

Proton Ventures is keen on undertaking more LNG related challenges and committed to stay on the edge of technology when it comes to state of the art designs with maximum safety and operability.

For more information and eventually joining our works, please refer to working group: ISO/TC67/SC9/WG9

About Proton

Proton Ventures is a technology company that is working to make the global energy transition a reality.  The company specializes in ammonia related technologies and products, including storage concepts for chemical and liquid energy carriers. Proton Ventures designs and builds pressurized and cooled ammonia storage facilities, as well as small scale ammonia production facilities called NFuel units.


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