Proton Ventures contributes in workgroup to update PGS-12- Ammonia Storage and Loading

Proton Ventures is invited by VOTOB, The Dutch Association of Tank Storage Companies, to take part in the working group that will revise the PGS-12. The 4-chair workgroup, existing of delegates from Vopak, OCI, Yara International and Proton Ventures, will collectively improve the PGS-12. The import of large quantities of hydrogen in the form of ammonia is increasing demand for safe ammonia terminals and offloading facilities in The Netherlands. Modernization of the PSG-12 will create a clear and transparent guideline for safe ammonia terminals in The Netherlands.

Proton Ventures has been a proud ambassador of PGS-12 in NL and abroad, utilizing the PGS-12 Ammoniak – Opslag en verlading (storage and loading ) guideline to design safe and modern NH3 terminals in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Snippet of a nameplate of a tank designed by Proton and constructed out of The Netherlands.

As the ammonia expert, Proton Ventures is very honored to contribute with its knowledge and expertise in this workgroup. With more than 20 years of experience in Design and Operation of world-scale terminals, Proton is now looking on actively giving back to the PGS-12 by positively contributing towards a safe, efficient and fit-for-purpose guideline”, as per George Dodoros, Business Development Director at Proton Ventures.


The urgency in modernizing PGS-12 to new safety and efficiency levels is evident since ammonia is ever more considered as one of the leading energy carriers by, practically, all major Terminal Operators in The Netherlands. On behalf of VOTOB, it is a pleasure to have Proton Ventures’s ammonia terminal design experience and knowhow on-board. The workgroup constituted by YARA, OCI, VOPAK and Proton shall set up all technical recommendations for the Terminal of the Future addressing safety, energy-efficiency and environmental sustainability”, as per Willem-Henk Streekstra, Director of VOTOB (The Dutch Association of Tank Storage Companies)

About PGS (Publication series Dangerous Substances)

A PGS guideline is a document about activities with hazardous substances. The PGS guideline lists the main risks of these activities for safety and security health of employees, safety of the environment and fire safety. Also a PGS guideline lists the possible consequences of those risks for combating of disaster. To control the risks and the negative effects for humans and measures have been formulated to limit the environment. In addition to those mentioned in this PGS measures, it is possible to take equivalent measures insofar as the legislation permits.

About PGS-12: Ammonia – Storage and handling

The current interim version of PGS-12 is (urgently) in need of updating in order to align properly with the current state of the art. In the period that this update has not yet been completed, the competent authorities and companies involved are advised to get in touch with colleagues in order to be better able, in the context of the PGS 12, to achieve good results by sharing knowledge.