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During the year Proton Ventures attends various trade shows and conferences worldwide. Join one of our speakerslots or engage in a conversation at one of our booths. Below a number of events and conferences where you can find us this year.

Congresses and events


Partnerships are of great value to us! We must work together to realize the energy transition. Proton Ventures works together with the partners below to realize its goals.


Proton Ventures is part of the Koolen Industries group. The Koolen Industries group companies comprise more than 25 leading organisations within the clean energy industry from generation to application, and beyond. 

Koolen Industriesis working towards the rapid transition to a clean energy future powered by entrepreneurship and collective thinking. This transition is a multi-disciplinary challenge, requiring many different perspectives, skill-sets, technology and resources. That’s why we’re focused on bringing together reliable technical solutions under one umbrella – for better collaboration and ultimately, a more streamlined energy transition from generation to application and beyond.

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