Sales Engineer

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Date: October 6 2021

Contract hours:


Function type: sales

Type: Professional

Introducing ourselves:

Proton Ventures is an independent engineering company operating in the chemical industry. We provide innovative engineering and turnkey solutions for world-scale storage terminals, decentralized ammonia production units and other related process applications. We strive to be a key player in decentralized chemical energy storage, making renewable energy accessible to everyone. As a technological innovator, we enable our global partners to benefit from our safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally responsible solutions. We offer innovative applications in terminal concepts, NFuel and Utilities, as well as consulting and services in the field of engineering, procurement and cost calculation for turnkey projects.

What you’ll do:

As a sales engineer, you take care of sales prospects and business development leads as well as existing clients. You hand over successful proposals that resulted in contracts – both dedicated Proton Ventures proposals and partnerships with external (consortium) parties – to the project execution team(s).

What we offer you:

As an independent company within the Koolen Industries Group, Proton Ventures offers an environment in which you and your colleagues work towards shared goals. Our employees are important to us as individuals and team players, with technology achieving results for, by and with people. As colleagues, we are uncompromising in our willingness to collaborate and support one another. We share responsibility at all levels to ensure our company’s success.  

Proton Ventures offers you the opportunity to grow, evolve and collaborate in making our energy and agricultural industries more sustainable and more.

As a sales engineer, you will:

  • Provide thoroughly researched project offers, determine and specify the contracts’s scope of supply if there is no RfQ/RfP (project specifications) documentation from the client, complete with adequate pricing
  • Obtain quotes and offers from vendors with the correct scope of supply and exclusions, on behalf of your project offers
  • Obtain contracts for (engineering) studies and execution of works (EPC) (in accordance with KPIs)
  • Ensure that potential clients/stakeholders are satisfied with our communication and service, even if we cannot help them
  • Improve and monitor the quality of documentation and communication, both internally and with the rest of the world
  • Ensure handling of incoming prospects/requests
    Represent our business

Your tasks will include:

  • Acting as our point of contact with (prospective) clients and preparing proposals, quotes and associated documentation
  • Performing preliminary design assessments for clients/stakeholders (definition of scope of supply), including high-level determination of CapEx + OpEx (including power and gas consumption, etc.)
  • Conducting detailed discussions with suppliers & preparation of (engineering) documentation (PFDs, requisition documents) for suppliers, allowing them to prepare contract offers
  • Acting as our point of contact with other stakeholders interested in ammonia and ammonia-related activities/systems, such as vendors, business partners, institutes, people interested in the role of ammonia
  • Providing assistance during project execution
  • Taking responsibility for the standardization of sales documentation and worksheets
  • Providing support to colleagues and/or for company development

Your education/work experience:

  • Jr. Sales Engineer: BSc. / MSc. in relevant discipline, or equivalent
  • Sales Engineer: BSc. / MSc. or equivalent, with 4-8 years of relevant work experience and/or a PhD or equivalent in a relevant discipline
  • Sr. Sales Engineer: BSc. / MSc. or equivalent, with at least 8 years of relevant work experience, or a PhD or equivalent with at least 4 years of relevant work experience

Important note:

  • Our educational requirements may not apply if the applicant has acquired an equivalent level of knowledge and expertise through experience


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