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Date: October 14 2021

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Function type: sales

Type: Professional


The Company

Proton Ventures is an independent engineering company operating in the chemical industry. We provide innovative engineering and turnkey solutions for world-scale storage terminals, decentralized ammonia production units and other related process applications. We strive to be a key player in decentralized chemical energy storage, making renewable energy accessible to everyone. As a technological innovator, we enable our global partners to benefit from our safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally responsible solutions. We offer innovative applications in terminal concepts, NFuel and Utilities, as well as consulting and services in the field of engineering, procurement and cost calculation for turnkey projects.

Since its foundation in 2001 Proton Ventures pioneered in the (green) ammonia industry. Ranging from large-scale ammonia storage and loading facilities to our modular NFuel concept and ammonia decomposition to obtain hydrogen the thus allowing for complete coverage of the entire value chain of (green) ammonia is covered.

As the world is now quickly moving towards renewable energy solutions, the green ammonia market is on an inflection point of hypergrowth. The current large grey ammonia markets need to become green and on top ammonia is proving to become a viable alternative to fossil fuels and an excellent energy carrier. Proton Ventures, through its history and exceptional level of technical know-how, is operating at the forefront of these trends and wants to be a leader in the field of chemical sustainability. As a result our business strategy has evolved and we are now focusing on project development as well as (green) ammonia solutions, whilst we continue to emphasize our innovation department.

As an example of project development skills, Proton Ventures this year announced the formation of the Trans Hydrogen Alliance, together with Port of Rotterdam, VARO, Trammo and GES. This alliance seeks to import affordable hydrogen in the form of ammonia to Europe from areas around the world where renewable energy resource conditions are optimal. It is worth noting that in 2018 Proton Ventures together with TU Delft founded Battolyser Systems, based on patented designs for a promising technology combining a battery and an electrolyser in one machine, enabling energy storage to become economically viable in today’s markets with hydrogen production. This innovation was supported by Proton Ventures engineering capabilities and is now being commercialized.

Proton Ventures is backed by Koolen Industries since 2019, which invests in promising cleantech companies and wants to realise, together with Proton Ventures, a fully renewable energy system with a strong role for chemical storage of energy. The company’s founder, Hans Vrijenhoef who was an early advocate of the potential of green ammonia for renewable based energy systems, remains a shareholder and non-executive chairman to the board, providing advice to the management team and focus on client needs.

Proton Ventures is looking for a new CEO who will further drive the strategic direction towards project and business development, whilst at the same time nurturing the technical know-how and culture of the company. The new CEO will execute the strategic agenda by a rigourus focus on scale up, amongst others by further hiring of relevant employees.

The Role

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) bears final responsibility for the company’s success. He or she will need to drive the commercial success of the company in a highly entrepreneurial setting by initiating and completing sales processes. He or she will coordinate operations and plays an integral role between various parts of the company. The CEO will chair the management team and together further fine-tune the strategy and policies of the organization.


  • Determine the strategy of the company in line with the vision of shareholders and management team
  • Together with shareholders, determine targets which will allow the company to reach its full potential and monitor the company’s progress towards these targets
  • Emphasize execution of sales and business development processes to the benefit of all of the company’s business lines
  • Recognise and initiate technical improvement potential with the innovation team whilst being aware of associated risks
  • Initiate subsidy tracks, cooperations and further research & development options for new generations of Proton Ventures products
  • Manage the scaling up of the company in organization and skill sets
  • Analyse the company’s competitive positioning and initiate improvement programs
  • Present and justify financial and operational results and targets to shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Regular contact with all stakeholders, including company partners, clients and shareholders
  • Represent the company externally during key events

The Person

The CEO is an ambitious leader with management experience in a technical production company with a strong growth trajectory who would have dealt with scale up challenges. He or she should be comfortable leading technical discussions internally and externally related to Proton Ventures businesses, without having to be case expert on all matters.

The ideal candidate would have a demonstratable professional track record in the fields of chemicals, energy project developments, engineering, contracting and large capex sales. We believe a candidate with an academic background in physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering or (electrical / electronics) process automation would be best placed to drive Proton Ventures’ growth. He or she should have a keen awareness of operations and maintenance.

The CEO needs to have an entrepreneurial mindset, a strong commercial track record in identifying and closing B2B sales deals. He or she knows what needs to be done to allow a technically focused company to scale up in short time frames, whilst guarding industry leading quality standards. This is combined with organisational optimization skills.

Through strong communicative skills, the CEO will need to interact with various stakeholders such as employees, prospective clients, partners and the company’s shareholders.

How to apply

Please respond with your CV and a short introduction letter to Boudewijn Tans, CFO Koolen Industries via
Further information about Proton Ventures

About Koolen Industries

The mission of Koolen Industries is to enable everyone to contribute to and participate in the energy transition. Generating clean energy from wind and the sun, and developing solutions that store, transport and deliver this energy, we aim to provide consumers and industry with an autonomous life that is independent of the grid and carbon.

Koolen Industries is a group of companies that cooperate to offer complete, integrated clean energy solutions to companies and consumers. Whether it is about solar energy, lithium batteries, power to gas solutions, charging infrastructure or a combination thereof, Koolen Industries can transfer the wish of customers into reality.

Since its inception in 2019, Koolen Industries has brought a number of companies into the fold. These include solar panel installations companies BonGo Solar, NovaVolt and BeSolar, lithium battery maker Super B, engineering and production company Nieuwe Weme, energy storage company Smart Grid, electric charging infrastructure firm Floading Energy, green ammonia company Proton Ventures, mobile energy storage company GreenBattery, thermal energy storage firm Kraftblock, flow battery developer Elestor, energy software storage platform Skoon Energy, energy flexibility software company Sympower, EV software platform Deftpower, EIT InnoEnergy, which invests in sustainable energy start-ups across Europe, AI robotics company Aziobot and Hardt Hyperloop.

About Battolyser Systems

Battolyser Systems aims to stimulate the development, production and commercialization of the battolyser technology which it has patented. Battolyser technology provides the unique abilty to flexibily store and trade energy in the form of electrons or through the production of hydrogen.